How to Permanent Delete iPhone Files Without Restore

Part 1 - These patents related to the iPhone have not yet become a reality

Related to the iPhone will be equipped with sapphire glass screen rumor has been passed down for generations, but the end result is that we can only see its shadow in the iPhone's main camera head, and the upcoming September release of the new iPhone will surprise us it?

Although the distance between Apple released new iPhone some time, but the associated network broke the news, but more and more detail on the large to the small design to internal components. Exposure before the rhythm is very like what we see iPhone 5s, iPhone 6. In addition, so many technology media attention, there are many a symbol of Apple's "black technology" patents. Even these patents are not necessarily reflected in the final product in the new iPhone at this stage, but at least convey to the outside world but also in the direction of Apple products in the iPhone. But then again, if these patents really one day become a reality, I believe that time the iPhone product features will be more powerful. The following patents related to the iPhone, perhaps many Apple fans hope can become a reality.

Facial recognition / Unlock

Just last week, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent related to facial recognition Apple submitted. But in fact, as early as the end of 2011, Apple had the patent-related content available to the public. And as a competitor of Google / Samsung has also come up with their program, the Android 4.0-based Galaxy Nexus also experimentally joined the facial recognition to unlock solution. At the time, Apple is widely believed this recognition will quickly unlock technology into the iDevice equipment, providing a new interactive way for iOS users. But eventually took until Apple Touch ID fingerprint recognition solution, this technology is still in frozen state.

The granted patent content from presentation, Apple has launched the patent, is to solve the facial recognition in cost, power and effectiveness of these aspects of the current conflict. The key point of this patent is that the recognition system is not 100 percent of the image contrast, but information-rich extract facial parts, such as eyes, nose and mouth and other areas were compared, and then complete facial recognition.

Picture patent describes point of view, the technical requirements of the device in a static state capture images and then complete than identification, if it is in outdoor conditions, at least to ensure that users phone up complete contrast to the self-action. Therefore, this facial recognition ease of use, efficiency, etc. is not necessarily better than fingerprinting, but it certainly is to be practical than digital code, security will be higher.

But Apple does not detail the patent will be when and in what way to use the iPhone product. In addition, concern is that in the case of Touch ID fingerprint identification technology and other physical and began large-scale use of "facial recognition" will not have the use of relatively broad prospects.

Sharper display

Upgrade your phone's display resolution Android camp has become the trend of the general trend, while Apple iPhone practices displayed on the screen, but seems too conservative, even the most flagship iPhone6,6 Plus display resolution is only the effect of the highest 1080p level.

In fact, Apple is not intentionally ignore the potential to enhance the product experience points. At the beginning of last year, Apple has been submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office related proprietary content, from the introduction of the patent can understand that this patent will quantum dot technology and its principle of operation, can emit light at a specific wavelength, from a practical that is, the use of terms can be more accurately and efficiently display color on the screen.

Previously did not use quantum dots Retina display, although it will better match the color on a blue wavelength effects and precision, but in green and red wavelengths, showing poor results, tends to assume yellow and orange. If, after using the quantum dots, in RGB wavelength, green, red should be more good color effect and accuracy.

Before iPhone 6 out there have been some media reports that Apple's patent, and hope Apple can be reflected in the iPhone 6. But unfortunately, after the release of the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, the contents mentioned patent does not really apply on the phone. After another year of development, the iPhone 6s will not be a better display, wait and see.

Sapphire glass screen

To iPhone6 ​​& 6 Plus generation Apple to these two products installed glass 2.5D feel more comfortable, aesthetically extent, also improved a lot, but the only bad thing is the protection of the poor, too easily broken screen. When you do not give mobile phone film or with protective shell, if once the phone fell on relatively hard pavement, broken screen probability of almost 90% or more.

So, iPhone If you then still still intend to present ideas to follow, a more robust glass screen should also just to be, at this point everyone will think of the word - "Sapphire." Indeed, concerning the iPhone will be equipped with sapphire glass screen rumor has been passed down for generations, but the end result is that we can only see its shadow in the iPhone's main camera head on iPhone6 ​​& 6 Plus is no exception.

But Apple also did not give up exploration in this area. According to mid-November, the US Patent and Trademark Office published the document, Apple for the "electronic device housing ceramic protective glass" patent entitled, but it is precisely this patent describes how to install the sapphire glass to iPhone technology. They will use the laser ablation technique, the sapphire glass ablation as a wedge, then put into iPhone products.

Personal feeling, Apple sapphire glass screen into the iPhone is not a difficult thing, the difficulty may be in how to ensure the supply of, and how to ensure the installation on the larger screen of the iPhone, but also to maintain a good impact resistance and flexural degrees. If the day really solve these problems, iPhone will also have a sapphire glass screen as the image AppleWatch.

Virtual interactive

Friends who saw science fiction, will surely be some "Taking suspension" manipulation of electronic equipment was very curious, but also very much hope that one day use such products. Apple's recent study on "extended human-computer interaction," the patent may allow us away from this dream one step closer.

The patent shows that interactivity can without touching the device, through multiple sensors to identify, judge gestures in front of the machine, removing too sensitive error recognition, gesture recognition improve the accuracy of the suspension in order to achieve better The interactive experience. While looking at the more "big on," but as soon as I will explain you Guarantee "Oh," smile. In fact, plainly do not slide to answer when there is an incoming call, just put the phone to your ear able to automatically answer; put the phone on the table with a simple gesture can be achieved speakerphone mode and so on. Such a trick seems early in the Android phone to play a cliché, right? But I do not think Apple will get this interactive so simple, there may be a new pattern of ingenuity, patience wait for it.

Photo quality promotion

Compared to the previous proprietary content, I believe we are on the iPhone patent pictures are more concerned about exposure. While the iPhone's main camera upscaling slow, but in the actual performance levels are completely lost in the mainstream of the flagship model, compared to the Android front camera manufacturers have risen to 800 million terrorist data, Apple still adhere to the back of 8,000,000 Rear camera can be considered a "big heart" was.

But Apple is not behind closed doors, since last year has been exposed out of the patent, Apple is looking for a new camera solutions, that is, ultra-high resolution sampling synthesis pixel photo (a bit like before OPPO used to solve Program). Apple said the technology will be used OIS system, with great speed continuous shooting, and then the resulting photos into a synthesized image processing engine, eventually get a super high-resolution photographs.

As for dual-camera or something, I do not feel very tricky. If Apple can enhance the camera pixels in the new iPhone, coupled with imaging techniques mentioned earlier, I believe will further enhance the camera experience to a new level.

Sensors turned back Logo

On iPhone5s we see Apple will fingerprint recognition integrated in the top of the Home key, then on the next iPhone, it will not be a new highly integrated region, such as in the iPhone back on top of Logo. The patent shows that Apple are working on a sensor can be integrated into the mobile device circuitry openings.

Simply put, Apple hopes some of the sensors can be incorporated into the back of the iPhone Apple Logo, and these sensors will be used to collect the user's heart rate, fingerprint and other data. In addition, according to different scenarios, hidden sensors can make iPhone more easily collect the data.

Have to say, the idea is really great, even if does not appear on one or two generations after the iPhone, but at least this approach can make a lot of fruit powder have more expectations, perhaps waiting for that day will really come to this Logo It has more features.

Part 2 - How to Permanent Delete iPhone Files without Restore

So, The future of the iPhone still let us full of expectations, even if you have used the latest iPhone like the iPhone 6 Plus, and even iPhone 6S, however, as for an iPhone fan, you always will be tempted for the more outstanding and more new generation of iPhone. I believe that the vast majority of the iPhone 6 users around the world have used the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S and so on. So, when your planning to buy a new iPhone to replace the old one, you must wanting a way to permanent delete all files like contacts, texe messages, photos, videos, call history and settings, etc. from your old iPhone. Isn't it?

If you want to delete the entire data stored in your iPhone, iPhone Data Eraser can definitely meet your satisfaction in terms of deleting iPhone data. It can permanently erase content from your iPhone 6/6 Plus/5s/5c/5/4S/4 and iPad & iPod. It is the best iPhone Data Eraser to wipe all personal information of iPhone. No only wipe personal data permanently, but also supports delete contacts, messages, photos, videos, apps, account info, passwords and other hidden data stored on iPhone, iPad and iPod.
iPhone Data Eraser provides the most secure way to smash everything on your iPhone, it is a reliable and effective tool. It will be the first choice when you are in need of to do so.

Download the free and trial version, install on your computer and follow the below steps to permanent wipe your iPhone now.

iPhone iPad iPod Data Eraser       iPhone iPad iPod Eraser Mac

Step 1. Click on Erase All Data in the primary window.

Enter 'delete' to confirm the order and move on.

Step 2. When the erasing begins, keep your device connected and wait until the process is complete.

Once deletion is complete, you will see the Completed screen:

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The Most Exciting Five New Features Of iPhone 6S

A lot about the new Apple iPhone, iPhone 6s news is flowing, taking into account from the traditional iPhone release time is less than two months, the authenticity of the message is still relatively high.

Recently, a great deal about the new Apple iPhone, iPhone 6s news is flowing, taking into account from the traditional iPhone release time is less than two months, the authenticity of the message is still relatively high. Then, after using a large screen strategy, how to ensure the attractiveness of the follow-up of Apple products do? Let's look at iPhone 6s are most likely to have five new features.

1. Force Touch touchscreen

According to sources, iPhone 6s will be powered by the new Force Touch touch screen, you can press the screen depending on the user's efforts to achieve the new form of operation. For example, by tapping the notification to open the corresponding application, or vigorously pressed notice notification open and close all the content options. Of course, the mode of operation is just speculation, but I believe Apple will come up with some innovative ways to enhance the iPhone 6s operability.

2. Better Camera

Currently, analysts and the industry generally believe that Apple will use a new type of camera sensor on the iPhone 6s, a resolution of 12 million pixels. In fact, this is the second iPhone 4, Apple again to enhance the resolution of the camera. As we all know, 8 million pixel sensor on the iPhone product has been used in many years, while the annual Apple will increase its size, improve image quality through new technology, but a lower resolution has become a problem. 12 million pixels allows users to obtain greater output frame of the photograph, it is also expected to bring clearer results.

3. A9 processor and 2GB RAM

There is no doubt that almost every new iPhone will be equipped with the new processor, this year's iPhone 6s are most likely to carry A9 processor, it is expected to adopt 14nm process, the new architecture with better performance, more power. In addition, iPhone 6s likely to use 2GB RAM, which is a greater increase hardware, allowing iPhone 6s get better performance.

4. High-strength aluminum casing

It is said that in order to change the iPhone 6 poor body strength, iPhone 6s will adopt a more rigid 7000 aluminum alloy to enhance the body's durability.

5. Battery life upgrade

From a hardware point of view, iPhone 6s may not carry larger capacity battery, but A9 processor, iOS 9 optimization and new low-power mode in conjunction, is expected to bring longer battery life for the iPhone 6s.

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iOgrapher push handle most exaggerated iPhone5s photos

Now through mobile phones have become the most common users to take pictures and video, though often with cell phone cameras feature image stabilization feature, but still hold the jitter due, so many camera manufacturers have a handle designed for mobile phones, such as the Nokia 1020 have official photos handle. iOgrapher for Apple iPhone 5s launched a full picture exaggerated shape handle.
Handle most exaggerated iPhone5s photos

Handle most exaggerated iPhone5s photos
iOgrapher handle shape looks very exaggerated, using a lightweight yet rugged polycarbonate material, oversized grip handle can be sustained and stable effect, iOgrapher handle scalability is also very good, top of the fuselage has an interface that can be installed other brands of sports cameras, the iPhone 5s as a remote viewfinder; the bottom of the fuselage was universal tripod socket, you can connect a tripod for a more stable shooting. To use iOgrapher handle, iPhone 5s to be "naked", another fixed slot on the handle is also very tight, the phone will not easily emerge. Meanwhile, here set aside a headset, Lightning interface location, allowing users to easily add accessories such as mobile power, external microphone, etc., it is understood that the handle projected $ 60, just interested friends may wish to look at.
iOgrapher push handle most exaggerated iPhone5s photos

iOgrapher push handle most exaggerated iPhone5s photos


Ringly introduces new iPhone-connected smart ring

Ringly startups trying to solve the problem of a lot of women will encounter busy with work that did not receive important calls, information and notification. Because their cell phones usually on the bag, so often hear ringing or when you can not find the phone to call. Ringly solution is a very stylish ring, but the ring support Ringly notify users text messages, notifications, and there is an incoming call.

Currently Ringly for iOS and Android launched companion application, smart rings can be connected via Bluetooth low energy with the iPhone. Users can set different notifications for different flash and vibration mode in the application. The ring can receive intelligent device information, received a phone call, there is a calendar and receive reminders to alert users when new mail. In addition, when the user falls iPhone, rings will remind the user. Ringly ring of battery life 3 days, 18K gold ring itself uses to build, users can also choose black onyx, emerald, pink sapphire and rainbow moonstone as the other semi-precious stones as decoration.

Ringly co-founder and CEO Christina Mercando said: "Our goal is to create a unique and practical style of products, we believe that the future of wearable devices integrate technology into life, make people's lives easier Ringly ring on. like you can keep reminding my personal assistant as let their gestures communicate with their feelings very magical. "currently, Ringly smart rings are pre-sale price of $ 145.

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iPhone6 new features further exposure support NFC / wireless charging

It venturebeat reports, sources close to the iPhone 6 revealed that this highly anticipated flagship listing will support NFC technology, and it will also provide wireless charging, as well as to improve the antenna with a larger screen.

Support NFC technology means that iPhone 6 can be used for mobile payments, Apple will join Verizon, T-Mobile and AT & T jointly developed by Isis mobile payment system. In fact, after the iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 has NFC functionality can be obtained through a special protective shell, and can be Isis mobile payments.

Apple iPhone 6 will also support faster data transfer, despite iPhone 5 support Category 4 LTE speeds can be up to 150Mbps, iPhone 6 is expected to support Category 6 LTE network, the speed will double, reaching 300Mbps. Meanwhile, sources said that wireless charging is also a new feature in iPhone 6, but it is not known what Apple will use technical standards. 

In addition, the report also said that Apple iPhone 6 will feature a larger 4.7-inch screen, the screen surface will be covered with a more scratch-resistant sapphire glass coating. Meanwhile, the screen resolution will also be the current 640 × 1136 pixels increased to 960 × 1704 pixels, Aspect ratio is the ratio of iPhone 5/5s/5c has remained 16:9. For 4.7 inches models, the pixel density will reach 416ppi; As 5.5 inches models, the pixel density can also be reached 356ppi.

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iPhone 6 maddening sapphire material

UBS Securities said in a report on Wednesday, April, sapphire material production of Apple's future product increased five-fold.
UBS Securities report protagonist is GT Advanced Technologies, GT Advanced Technologies is Apple sapphire material suppliers. High hardness of sapphire material will not be scratched, and is currently being used in the main button on the iPhone 5S. Sapphire material can theoretically be used to replace the current iPhone gorilla glass.
The report notes that "We found that in April GT Advanced Technologies sapphire factory in Arizona did well, display supplier to Apple shipped 1,000,000 sapphire material, an increase of 5 times higher than in March."
The report also mentions the use of sapphire material products: iWatch or iPhone 6. But UBS Securities prefer sapphire material will be used in larger iPhone 6, "If all these sapphire material is released for November month when iPhone 6,9 5.5 inches needed to reach 10 million per month."
Apple last November reached an agreement with GT Advanced Technologies, invest $ 578 million in the sapphire material factory.


The desk lamp of the iPhone exclusive can scan – SnapeLite

PFU scanner company has launched its new SnapeLite, a linkage can be realized with the iPhone the desk lamp of scanning function.
After special users using a mobile phone to download the APP can through bluetooth remote control the switch of desk lamp light of changes in temperature and brightness, and placed the phone in a lamp at the top of the platform, can through the iPhone camera shooting file or object easily, without having to worry about shaking problem.

In addition, if the iPhone 5 platform, cameras will be stretched out on the edge of the platform, just shoot objects or scan file, SnapeLite will project an A4 size below the red ray shooting range, open the main use of the APP, the desk lamp base squirrel logo will light up, shot object is placed within the tip red box, touch the squirrel objects will be easy to keep shooting down the iPhone photo album.

At the same time the software also supports the function of synthesis and separation, will be bigger than A4 size of object points taken twice, may be retained through to a late software. For small paper such as similar to the receipt of the invoice number after the shooting, the software will split save. Software also provides the trapezoidal correction for distortion of problems, and the paper also don't have to be neatly placed, software with automatic adjustment function.
As A desk lamp SnapeLite have five period of brightness adjustment function, base behind with 5 v 2.1 A USB charging port, it is also very convenient.