Ringly introduces new iPhone-connected smart ring

Ringly startups trying to solve the problem of a lot of women will encounter busy with work that did not receive important calls, information and notification. Because their cell phones usually on the bag, so often hear ringing or when you can not find the phone to call. Ringly solution is a very stylish ring, but the ring support Ringly notify users text messages, notifications, and there is an incoming call.

Currently Ringly for iOS and Android launched companion application, smart rings can be connected via Bluetooth low energy with the iPhone. Users can set different notifications for different flash and vibration mode in the application. The ring can receive intelligent device information, received a phone call, there is a calendar and receive reminders to alert users when new mail. In addition, when the user falls iPhone, rings will remind the user. Ringly ring of battery life 3 days, 18K gold ring itself uses to build, users can also choose black onyx, emerald, pink sapphire and rainbow moonstone as the other semi-precious stones as decoration.

Ringly co-founder and CEO Christina Mercando said: "Our goal is to create a unique and practical style of products, we believe that the future of wearable devices integrate technology into life, make people's lives easier Ringly ring on. like you can keep reminding my personal assistant as let their gestures communicate with their feelings very magical. "currently, Ringly smart rings are pre-sale price of $ 145.

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