Intend prices? Apple iPhone6 or will increase $ 100

According to sources, Apple may be the next generation iPhone, ie iPhone6 ​​prices, analysts currently have talked about a similar topic, said iPhone6 ​​likely than ten thousand rose about $ 100.
Here's $ 100 refers to U.S. carriers contract price. According to analysts, Apple iPhone5s U.S. carriers contract price at $ 199-399 range, did not reach the $ 400 is probably iPhone5s high price point, and the next generation will not only adopt better iPhone6 ​​A8 processor, also may be installed revolutionary voice recognition technology or the next generation of camera and video recording functions, the cost will be further improved, and in order to ensure that the profits will not be pulled down, Apple may take the means to raise prices, the contract price will be increased to about $ 500.
Since this analysis are based on the perspective of the U.S. carriers as the basis, so if there are possible selling price in China increased dramatically iPhone6​​, not able to confirm the hope that the result will not be the case.
Apple iPhone6 ​​or will increase $ 100


Analysts said the iPad tablet computer in a leading position in the field of unshakable

According to a new report released renowned research analysts Kantar, the current value proposition for the consumer tablet PC is still very vague. The fourth quarter 2013, the United States Tablet PC penetration rate was 37%, compared with the same period last year the growth rate slows. Reported that the Christmas quarter last year, 53 percent of U.S. consumers said they would not buy a new tablet within the next 12 months.

While consumers value proposition for flat areas still not clear, but iPad still maintained his lead. Kantar said the value proposition depends what consumers can do through its own tablet, as well as their frequency of use of tablet PCs, and Tablet PC features and services. By comparing these values ​​parameters, iPad tablet is still leading the entire field.

It is understood that 42% of users said they would use at least once a day iPad, 32% of users said they would continue to use a world of iPad. Also, iPad is also able to provide the broadest tablet applications and services categories.


How to Permanently Delete Data Files From iPhone

Have to send your device back to the factory or retail store for a repair? You’re an environmentalist and wish to donate  your old mobile to a recycling program? You wish to prevent unauthorized access or unknown people from retrieving or viewing  sensitive data on your device? Therefore, you want to permanently delete all data on your iPhone before treatment.Now that  the common deletion is not enough. Apple only provide a hardware encryption to get your data locked instead of deleting it.  That's to say, with a powerful data recovery tool, the data still can be retrieved, and your personal data will be at risk of leaking. 

To permanently delete data from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch before you donate, resell, or trade it in, you have to use a 3rd  party wiping tool. iPhone Data Wiper is one of the most professional tools that allows you to 1 Click ultimate privacy  protection in order to prevent identity theft when disposing of your old iOS devices. With the help of this porgram, you can  complete erase includes contacts, messages, photos, apps, account info, videos, passwords and other personal data stored on  your iDevices and ensure that 100% nothing recoverable even if using the most professional data recovery software. What's  more, the program perfectly compatible with iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS, as well as iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPod Touch  and more. In addition, jailbroken iPhone friendly and also compatible with carrier-locked iPhones.


One Click To Completely Delete All Your Personal Data On iPhone Safely

Step 1. Do backup your iPhone

Before you get started, please backup iPhone data to PC first. All data on your iPhone will be totally wiped and can't be retrieved. To get the messages deleted permanently, you can't restore iPhone from backup files (including iTunes and iCloud backups), or the deleted data will also be restored. The best way is to use a third-party tool, such as iPhone Data Assistant, to backup the data from your iPhone to the computer. You can put it back to your iPhone after the deleting.
backup iPhone to computer

Step 2. Connect your iPhone

Run the software. Connect your iPhone with a USB cable to the computer, you’ll see its main window as follows.

choose a wiping mode for your iPhone

Step 3. Choose a type of data erasing

Please choose the first type: "WIPE OVERALL" (the "ERASE DELETED FILES" type is not available yet)

Step 4. Start to delete all personal data on your iPhone

There are three levels of data erasing for your choice. You can directly use the default one (medium), which will overwrite  your iPhone with junk files to ensure that the files are not recoverable, and no one knows that you've deleted all data on  your iPhone. What they can recover from your iPhone are all junk files. Keep in mind that please don’t disconnect your  iPhone during the process. Or data on your iPhone will not be completely erased.

start wiping your data from iPhone

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Then the next generation iPhone camera exposure: To invincible rhythm

It is reported that iPhone 6 before continuing to use 8 million pixel camera news, facts seem well.

Now the latest news media, given Apple iPhone camera on select 6, will not join the war pixel camera, because it makes no sense, in their view, 8 million pixel camera will be much room for improvement. 
Looking at the current mobile phone manufacturers, for its high-end mobile phones equipped with high-megapixel camera is already a very common thing, which is why the built-in 16 million pixel camera phone multiply sake, for such Guaizhuang, sources, Apple select 6 on the iPhone is very conservative and will not blindly increase the number of pixels.
Even if the iPhone 6 continue to insist 8000000 pixel camera, we do not completely tangled, because from the point of view before the exposure of the details, their comprehensive strength is still very people expect, especially photographed at night.
It is reported that, iPhone 6 will continue to use the 8-megapixel camera sensor size increases to 1/2.6 (5S size is 1/3), the aperture becomes f/2.0 (5S aperture f/2.2, 5 Aperture f/2.4), Meanwhile put 6P sapphire lens, the pixel size of the camera reached 1.75μm, the most important is also joined the OIS optical image stabilization.


Apple wireless patent exposure shutter support editing pictures

According to media reports, Apple's mobile phone in terms of some photographers, has assumed the role of SLR spare machine. Recently, the media exposure of an Apple patent shows, iPhone cell phone camera in the future or will be equipped with a remote control, while the remote control also has the function of editing pictures.
Apple patent exposure camera remote control
Apple described in the patent document, this remote control is equipped with a touch screen and a square button multiple entities can pair via Bluetooth with iPhone, iPhone to achieve control of all camera functions, such as switching shooting modes, shutter speed, choose frames or stopped recording and so on. 
In addition, the remote control iPhone or iPad screen also displays real-time recording parameters and push notifications, such as whether you shoot a picture or whether it is video, while users on the remote control can also view photos and videos have been shot and edited.
     It is understood that Apple as early as 2009 on the application for the patent, which will be released as to when such a remote control is still unknown. However, the Apple iPhone camera head that an effort was deep, the news that Apple will debut this year's iPhone 6 with optical image stabilization system from InvenSense's.


Apple 8GB iPhone5c to develop mid-market

According to reports, Apple in U.S. time on March 18, said the introduction of a lower priced iPhone 5c in some countries in order to help companies capture more promising opportunities to develop between low-end and high-end smart phones between mid-range mobile phone market. This market is currently booming.

18, 8GB capacity iPhne 5c began in Germany, France, Britain, Australia and China offering, the launch of unlocked iPhone 5c each bare metal price is lower than the 16GB iPhone 5c $ 70. A representative of Apple to the foreign media said: "mid-range iPhone demand increases every year, in some long-distance transmission (LTE) model has been developed more mature markets, 8GB model provides a more affordable choice."

iPhone 5c and sale of iPhone 4s have been different, this model is still on sale, and support for LTE networks. But iPhone 5c sales did not Apple initially expected so good. 
Media pointed out that Apple's first-quarter earnings release on January of this year, Apple's apparent reluctance to mention the fact that iPhone 5c sales unsatisfactory, but there are tricks to acknowledge this point, noting that the situation was not as Apple initially expected that development. Response from the market point of view, has been biased in favor of the sales and iPhone 5c released with more high-end phones iPhone 5s.
Apple has not sold in the United States to 8GB iPhone 5c, because the U.S. market operators to provide price subsidies are usually the way of sales, which means that an iPhone 5c biennial contract price in the United States has only $ 99.


IOS 7.1 should you start without knowing the Bluetooth

According to a new report shows that since last year in 7 iBeacon as iOS, apple has been in its subsequent each updated version (iOS 7.0.3/7.0.4/7.0.6/7.1) in the default start the bluetooth function.

May be few users noticed this, or at least some people saw on the apple BBS but not cut. However, Forbes reporter before let's Opus with research institutions, a senior analyst at Greg Sterling against apple iBeacon was tested.
In fact, two days ago when the official version 7.1 release iOS, which subsequently also iBeacon features upgraded, the new feature allows the user's device in the closed state is also able to search iBeacon beacons. Therefore, this report shows the new system default startup Bluetooth saying there seems to echo and features updated.
Kashmir, said the key iBeacon Bluetooth function realization that, if no Bluetooth, iBeacon will not work. So, the most reasonable explanation for the user becomes Apple has kept open the Bluetooth function, enabling linked iBeacon, which helps retail customers "perception" of users appear to push their product information. In fact, the positioning of the sensor will meet existing needs some technical, superficial but from the viewpoint of achieving random coverage will require a lot of consumer data.
However, compared to the sensor, iBeacon should be the retailer of goods to customers more efficient information transfer new way. Some users worry that Bluetooth is turned on will consume their batteries, but the reality is that the Bluetooth 4.0 specification requires very low power consumption.
Sterling believes that retailers need to provide better customer experience, and iBeacon tool can easily help users get more information about the product. But now the challenge is too radical or too clumsy implementations are likely to cause the opposite effect, in which the user's privacy and permissions should be the most noteworthy.
If Apple's iPhone in the near future can be transformed into iWallet, then all thanks iBeacon. Obviously, NFC (Near Field Communication) chip may no longer be required to configure unique. Introduction of Bluetooth will allow iBeacon become dominant or standard, above its expansion to the scope of application If Apple iOS platform, then Apple's ecosystem will get more long life. Therefore, it is not hard to explain Apple will default on the latest system to turn on Bluetooth function.


Apple iPhone6 latest details large exposure!

Although released from iPhone6 ​​there a long time, but now there is news about iPhone6 ​​continuous online exposure, today we look at the breakdown of the recent news about iPhone6 ​​to see in the end do not fly. If you do not have to buy iPhone5s, not very anxious to replace the phone, it can wait up, iPhone6 ​​sapphire screen if not, then the price is likely to remain price iPhone5s now, and so is good.
Apple iPhone6 latest details large exposure!
Appearance minor repairs or redesign?
On the appearance, many people think that iPhone4 is the most classic of the iPhone, in addition to the big screen was shocking and touch operation, the phone itself is very beautifully designed, it can be said iPhone4 was the advanced design of a cell phone, even now still not put behind. So after iPhone5 launch, many users disappointed, because iPhone5 design did not meet user expectations height, shape and even not as good as other mobile phone vendors. Learned from the current online news, iPhone6 ​​may overturn previous ideas in the design, with the new design.

Here comes the new design, there are two, one is to abandon rounded rectangle design in favor of a similar shape with the iPad mini, another is on the border issue, let iPhone6 ​​become the first "no borders "phones. About two designs currently online iPhone has unveiled the renderings, though they are some of the designers themselves YY design, but over the years this figure with the final rendering iPhone will have the same place, so it is worth a look.
There are no border design uses two, one is almost invisible from the front border of the phone, while another is in the side of the phone also has a screen to display notifications projects. Both designs, the first one should be better achieve some.
Add a side of the phone screen displays the contents of the notification, this design Samsung already had earlier launched a similar product, but only as a concept machine display, and no mass production, so the design should be a greater degree of difficulty, Although Apple's industrial design is outstanding, but in order to achieve the new iPhone, you should still some difficulties.


How to Permanently Remove Data from iPhone iPad and iPod

Wanting to delete iPhone data before selling? Looking for a way to delete all contacts, messages, call history on iPhone  Want to delete all apps, photos and videos from iPad? Is it possible to permanent remove music from iPod touch? Sometime,  you may need to get you lost data back, but sometime you may don't need or hate to see the data on your iOS devices. In  fact, this kind of situation is not surprising. However, how can we permanertly deleted the data from our iOS devices, and  without any recovery possibility.

iPhone iPad iPod Data Eraser
Conventional deletion may leave the chance of recovery, if you want to completely yet permanently remove your data from iOS  devices, I recommend using data wiping tools. iPhone iPad Data Eraser is one of the most professional data wiping tool of iPhone,  iPad and iPod, it provides the most effective and safest data protection solution available by permanently wiping all  personal data including contacts, messages, photos, videos, call history, notes, password, app and more from the device and  resetting system setting with just one click, ensure that all the deleted data cannot be recovered by any data recovery software, even iPhone iPad Data Recovery.


One Click to Permanently Deleted Data from iPhone, iPad or iPod

Note: Before wiping your devices, you'd better backup your iDevices firstly with iTunes, iCloud or iPhone Data to PC Transfer tools,  so that you can restore them once you want them back. Next, we will take iPhone as an example to telling the wiping guide.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer

After Launching the iPhone Data Eraser program and connecting your iPhone to the computer by using a cable, your iPhone will  be detected by iPhone Data Eraser automatically.

Step 2. Choose a type of data erasing

From the main window, you can see some information about your device on the left side. On the right side, there are two  kinds of data erasing ways:

WIPER OVERALL: Erase all data and settings permanently.
WIPE DELETED FILES: Only erase deleted pictures, videos, call logs and messages, making them unrecoverable.

Choose a type of data erasing
Please choose the first type (the other type is not available yet).

Step 3. Start to earse all data on your iPhone.

There are three security levels to erase all data on your device: Low, Medium and High. The higher level, the deeper wiping  depth.

Step 4. Use your iPhone as a new one.

eraser all the data from iPhone

More Info About the iPhone Data Eraser

iPhone iPad Data Eraser is the superb iDevice "eraser" application designed to wipe all personal information permanently from the  device using US Military spec over-writing technology to render the data unrecoverable; returning the device to a "clean  slate" state before you resell, donate or trade it in. 

- Wipe EVERYTHING from iDevices: contacts, messages, photos, videos, apps, account info, passwords and other personal data  stored on iDevices. 
- Meets Mil-spec DOD 5220 – 22 M standard for permanent data destruction; prevents personal data from being recoverable. 
- Works with all iDevices - Compatible with jailbroken iPhone & carrier-locked iPhones. 
- Keep your personal information inaccessible to others, permanently remove it with iPhone Data Eraser prior to disposing of  your old iDevice.

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Seene: Easy to shoot 3D photos with iPhone

Now the popularity of 3D movies, a lot of mobile phones and digital cameras are also adding features such as 3D pictures of it. But have you ever thought of using an ordinary iPhone without the installation of any parts of it can shoot 3D photos? Today, Xiao Bian gave you shoot 3D photos can recommend a free APP - "Seene".

Open the "Seene" will first play a demo video, then you can start to take pictures. The camera lens at the time of the shooting to the object, it will show a lot of nodes, the last node, the more the better, but do not be too particular about it, simply press the shutter can be captured first.

Take the first photo will appear on the screen one after the octagon, then according to the arrow tips octagon on mobile phones, after the success of the octagon will gradually turn green, it will automatically turn green after generation, and all 3D photos. Due to the special nature of 3D pictures with "Seene" photographs can not be directly shared with others, can only be called a friend to register "Seene" account or directly to his cell phone to see it.


Apple released a new document: Touch ID

Apple in "iPhone in Business today" posted on the website updated security document, introduces the Touch ID and A7 processor "safety area (Secure Enclave)" in detail. Since 2013, Touch ID was related to the protection of privacy from users and government officials. After apple unveiled a "security zone" design details, and says the module will only store the fingerprint data, rather than the fingerprint image.
Touch ID
According to the new security document, the "security zone" is a collaborators in the A7 processor processor, through safe, start the process to ensure that its software is apple's certification and signature. Even if a processor core is attack, all the "security zone" will also be able to function independently. And every "security zone" contains a unique identifier, not from the rest of the system access, and the company also does not have this information. So it will avoid apple or any other third party access to the stored data.
Document shows that: "every" security zone "in the process of manufacturing distribution the UID (identifier), from the rest of the system access, and apple does not know this information. When the device starts, according to the UID, a temporary key will be created, and is used to encrypt the equipment storage space in" security zone "of the parts. In addition, kept by" security zone "in the system to use this key to encrypt data."
Touch ID
By Touch ID to collect the fingerprint data will be stored in a "safe zone". This data will be used for information matching, shopping and other activities to support. Although the A7 processor from Touch ID sensors data, but can't read these data, because these data using the Touch ID and "security zone" built-in session key to encryption and authentication.
In addition to the function of the "security zone" and security, this document also introduced Touch ID details. Most of the details had been released, but emphasized the fingerprint for the security of the new document, and points out that only a "security zone" can obtain fingerprint data, in addition to these data will not be sent to apple or stored in up to cloud storage service.
The end of this document introduces the Touch ID and "security zone" how to implement the iPhone 5 s cooperation of mobile phone unlocked. If the user is interested in, then is a good reading material. Apple released this document is the iPhone in part of the IT channel Business website redesign, the design of the site has a more relaxed.

Protective shell can go swimming with iPhone 5s

You can recover lost data from water damaged iPhone with iPhone Data Recovery tool in the past. However, not all the situations can your data being recovered from water damaged iPhone, so you'd better backup your iPhone data firstly, or protect your device from being harmed by using the below way.

Fantom Products waterproof protection shell allows you to take the iPhone 5 s to go swimming, go surfing, the protective shell in accordance with JIS/IEC international protection grade 8 (IPX8), for 30 minutes continuously immersed up to 2 meters.
Fantom iPhone 5 s waterproof protective shells

Fantom iPhone 5 s waterproof protective shells
Produced by colorless transparent polycarbonate material, so under the protection of it, people can also taking photographs and video recording in the water, even more interesting is that even in the water, people can still use all touch operations, it doesn't affect the user experience. Easily into the ash the headphone jack of dustproof plug is designed.
Fantom iPhone 5 s waterproof protective shells

Fantom iPhone 5 s waterproof protective shells
This one following from touch response is very agile, can taking photos anytime and anywhere, including all the beautiful fish in water. There are a lot of waterproof following, but generally it is difficult to use, tear open outfit is very trouble. But this product has a key lock, it is easy to tear open outfit, and are safe. At the same time, the following were lighter and convenient to carry.