Intend prices? Apple iPhone6 or will increase $ 100

According to sources, Apple may be the next generation iPhone, ie iPhone6 ​​prices, analysts currently have talked about a similar topic, said iPhone6 ​​likely than ten thousand rose about $ 100.
Here's $ 100 refers to U.S. carriers contract price. According to analysts, Apple iPhone5s U.S. carriers contract price at $ 199-399 range, did not reach the $ 400 is probably iPhone5s high price point, and the next generation will not only adopt better iPhone6 ​​A8 processor, also may be installed revolutionary voice recognition technology or the next generation of camera and video recording functions, the cost will be further improved, and in order to ensure that the profits will not be pulled down, Apple may take the means to raise prices, the contract price will be increased to about $ 500.
Since this analysis are based on the perspective of the U.S. carriers as the basis, so if there are possible selling price in China increased dramatically iPhone6​​, not able to confirm the hope that the result will not be the case.
Apple iPhone6 ​​or will increase $ 100

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