Apple iPhone6 latest details large exposure!

Although released from iPhone6 ​​there a long time, but now there is news about iPhone6 ​​continuous online exposure, today we look at the breakdown of the recent news about iPhone6 ​​to see in the end do not fly. If you do not have to buy iPhone5s, not very anxious to replace the phone, it can wait up, iPhone6 ​​sapphire screen if not, then the price is likely to remain price iPhone5s now, and so is good.
Apple iPhone6 latest details large exposure!
Appearance minor repairs or redesign?
On the appearance, many people think that iPhone4 is the most classic of the iPhone, in addition to the big screen was shocking and touch operation, the phone itself is very beautifully designed, it can be said iPhone4 was the advanced design of a cell phone, even now still not put behind. So after iPhone5 launch, many users disappointed, because iPhone5 design did not meet user expectations height, shape and even not as good as other mobile phone vendors. Learned from the current online news, iPhone6 ​​may overturn previous ideas in the design, with the new design.

Here comes the new design, there are two, one is to abandon rounded rectangle design in favor of a similar shape with the iPad mini, another is on the border issue, let iPhone6 ​​become the first "no borders "phones. About two designs currently online iPhone has unveiled the renderings, though they are some of the designers themselves YY design, but over the years this figure with the final rendering iPhone will have the same place, so it is worth a look.
There are no border design uses two, one is almost invisible from the front border of the phone, while another is in the side of the phone also has a screen to display notifications projects. Both designs, the first one should be better achieve some.
Add a side of the phone screen displays the contents of the notification, this design Samsung already had earlier launched a similar product, but only as a concept machine display, and no mass production, so the design should be a greater degree of difficulty, Although Apple's industrial design is outstanding, but in order to achieve the new iPhone, you should still some difficulties.

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