Then the next generation iPhone camera exposure: To invincible rhythm

It is reported that iPhone 6 before continuing to use 8 million pixel camera news, facts seem well.

Now the latest news media, given Apple iPhone camera on select 6, will not join the war pixel camera, because it makes no sense, in their view, 8 million pixel camera will be much room for improvement. 
Looking at the current mobile phone manufacturers, for its high-end mobile phones equipped with high-megapixel camera is already a very common thing, which is why the built-in 16 million pixel camera phone multiply sake, for such Guaizhuang, sources, Apple select 6 on the iPhone is very conservative and will not blindly increase the number of pixels.
Even if the iPhone 6 continue to insist 8000000 pixel camera, we do not completely tangled, because from the point of view before the exposure of the details, their comprehensive strength is still very people expect, especially photographed at night.
It is reported that, iPhone 6 will continue to use the 8-megapixel camera sensor size increases to 1/2.6 (5S size is 1/3), the aperture becomes f/2.0 (5S aperture f/2.2, 5 Aperture f/2.4), Meanwhile put 6P sapphire lens, the pixel size of the camera reached 1.75μm, the most important is also joined the OIS optical image stabilization.

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