Apple 8GB iPhone5c to develop mid-market

According to reports, Apple in U.S. time on March 18, said the introduction of a lower priced iPhone 5c in some countries in order to help companies capture more promising opportunities to develop between low-end and high-end smart phones between mid-range mobile phone market. This market is currently booming.

18, 8GB capacity iPhne 5c began in Germany, France, Britain, Australia and China offering, the launch of unlocked iPhone 5c each bare metal price is lower than the 16GB iPhone 5c $ 70. A representative of Apple to the foreign media said: "mid-range iPhone demand increases every year, in some long-distance transmission (LTE) model has been developed more mature markets, 8GB model provides a more affordable choice."

iPhone 5c and sale of iPhone 4s have been different, this model is still on sale, and support for LTE networks. But iPhone 5c sales did not Apple initially expected so good. 
Media pointed out that Apple's first-quarter earnings release on January of this year, Apple's apparent reluctance to mention the fact that iPhone 5c sales unsatisfactory, but there are tricks to acknowledge this point, noting that the situation was not as Apple initially expected that development. Response from the market point of view, has been biased in favor of the sales and iPhone 5c released with more high-end phones iPhone 5s.
Apple has not sold in the United States to 8GB iPhone 5c, because the U.S. market operators to provide price subsidies are usually the way of sales, which means that an iPhone 5c biennial contract price in the United States has only $ 99.

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