Seene: Easy to shoot 3D photos with iPhone

Now the popularity of 3D movies, a lot of mobile phones and digital cameras are also adding features such as 3D pictures of it. But have you ever thought of using an ordinary iPhone without the installation of any parts of it can shoot 3D photos? Today, Xiao Bian gave you shoot 3D photos can recommend a free APP - "Seene".

Open the "Seene" will first play a demo video, then you can start to take pictures. The camera lens at the time of the shooting to the object, it will show a lot of nodes, the last node, the more the better, but do not be too particular about it, simply press the shutter can be captured first.

Take the first photo will appear on the screen one after the octagon, then according to the arrow tips octagon on mobile phones, after the success of the octagon will gradually turn green, it will automatically turn green after generation, and all 3D photos. Due to the special nature of 3D pictures with "Seene" photographs can not be directly shared with others, can only be called a friend to register "Seene" account or directly to his cell phone to see it.

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