iOgrapher push handle most exaggerated iPhone5s photos

Now through mobile phones have become the most common users to take pictures and video, though often with cell phone cameras feature image stabilization feature, but still hold the jitter due, so many camera manufacturers have a handle designed for mobile phones, such as the Nokia 1020 have official photos handle. iOgrapher for Apple iPhone 5s launched a full picture exaggerated shape handle.
Handle most exaggerated iPhone5s photos

Handle most exaggerated iPhone5s photos
iOgrapher handle shape looks very exaggerated, using a lightweight yet rugged polycarbonate material, oversized grip handle can be sustained and stable effect, iOgrapher handle scalability is also very good, top of the fuselage has an interface that can be installed other brands of sports cameras, the iPhone 5s as a remote viewfinder; the bottom of the fuselage was universal tripod socket, you can connect a tripod for a more stable shooting. To use iOgrapher handle, iPhone 5s to be "naked", another fixed slot on the handle is also very tight, the phone will not easily emerge. Meanwhile, here set aside a headset, Lightning interface location, allowing users to easily add accessories such as mobile power, external microphone, etc., it is understood that the handle projected $ 60, just interested friends may wish to look at.
iOgrapher push handle most exaggerated iPhone5s photos

iOgrapher push handle most exaggerated iPhone5s photos


Ringly introduces new iPhone-connected smart ring

Ringly startups trying to solve the problem of a lot of women will encounter busy with work that did not receive important calls, information and notification. Because their cell phones usually on the bag, so often hear ringing or when you can not find the phone to call. Ringly solution is a very stylish ring, but the ring support Ringly notify users text messages, notifications, and there is an incoming call.

Currently Ringly for iOS and Android launched companion application, smart rings can be connected via Bluetooth low energy with the iPhone. Users can set different notifications for different flash and vibration mode in the application. The ring can receive intelligent device information, received a phone call, there is a calendar and receive reminders to alert users when new mail. In addition, when the user falls iPhone, rings will remind the user. Ringly ring of battery life 3 days, 18K gold ring itself uses to build, users can also choose black onyx, emerald, pink sapphire and rainbow moonstone as the other semi-precious stones as decoration.

Ringly co-founder and CEO Christina Mercando said: "Our goal is to create a unique and practical style of products, we believe that the future of wearable devices integrate technology into life, make people's lives easier Ringly ring on. like you can keep reminding my personal assistant as let their gestures communicate with their feelings very magical. "currently, Ringly smart rings are pre-sale price of $ 145.

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iPhone6 new features further exposure support NFC / wireless charging

It venturebeat reports, sources close to the iPhone 6 revealed that this highly anticipated flagship listing will support NFC technology, and it will also provide wireless charging, as well as to improve the antenna with a larger screen.

Support NFC technology means that iPhone 6 can be used for mobile payments, Apple will join Verizon, T-Mobile and AT & T jointly developed by Isis mobile payment system. In fact, after the iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 has NFC functionality can be obtained through a special protective shell, and can be Isis mobile payments.

Apple iPhone 6 will also support faster data transfer, despite iPhone 5 support Category 4 LTE speeds can be up to 150Mbps, iPhone 6 is expected to support Category 6 LTE network, the speed will double, reaching 300Mbps. Meanwhile, sources said that wireless charging is also a new feature in iPhone 6, but it is not known what Apple will use technical standards. 

In addition, the report also said that Apple iPhone 6 will feature a larger 4.7-inch screen, the screen surface will be covered with a more scratch-resistant sapphire glass coating. Meanwhile, the screen resolution will also be the current 640 × 1136 pixels increased to 960 × 1704 pixels, Aspect ratio is the ratio of iPhone 5/5s/5c has remained 16:9. For 4.7 inches models, the pixel density will reach 416ppi; As 5.5 inches models, the pixel density can also be reached 356ppi.

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iPhone 6 maddening sapphire material

UBS Securities said in a report on Wednesday, April, sapphire material production of Apple's future product increased five-fold.
UBS Securities report protagonist is GT Advanced Technologies, GT Advanced Technologies is Apple sapphire material suppliers. High hardness of sapphire material will not be scratched, and is currently being used in the main button on the iPhone 5S. Sapphire material can theoretically be used to replace the current iPhone gorilla glass.
The report notes that "We found that in April GT Advanced Technologies sapphire factory in Arizona did well, display supplier to Apple shipped 1,000,000 sapphire material, an increase of 5 times higher than in March."
The report also mentions the use of sapphire material products: iWatch or iPhone 6. But UBS Securities prefer sapphire material will be used in larger iPhone 6, "If all these sapphire material is released for November month when iPhone 6,9 5.5 inches needed to reach 10 million per month."
Apple last November reached an agreement with GT Advanced Technologies, invest $ 578 million in the sapphire material factory.


The desk lamp of the iPhone exclusive can scan – SnapeLite

PFU scanner company has launched its new SnapeLite, a linkage can be realized with the iPhone the desk lamp of scanning function.
After special users using a mobile phone to download the APP can through bluetooth remote control the switch of desk lamp light of changes in temperature and brightness, and placed the phone in a lamp at the top of the platform, can through the iPhone camera shooting file or object easily, without having to worry about shaking problem.

In addition, if the iPhone 5 platform, cameras will be stretched out on the edge of the platform, just shoot objects or scan file, SnapeLite will project an A4 size below the red ray shooting range, open the main use of the APP, the desk lamp base squirrel logo will light up, shot object is placed within the tip red box, touch the squirrel objects will be easy to keep shooting down the iPhone photo album.

At the same time the software also supports the function of synthesis and separation, will be bigger than A4 size of object points taken twice, may be retained through to a late software. For small paper such as similar to the receipt of the invoice number after the shooting, the software will split save. Software also provides the trapezoidal correction for distortion of problems, and the paper also don't have to be neatly placed, software with automatic adjustment function.
As A desk lamp SnapeLite have five period of brightness adjustment function, base behind with 5 v 2.1 A USB charging port, it is also very convenient.


iPad also has an external memory interface to expand capacity by lightning

The biggest drawback is that iOS devices can not expand storage space, can not be the same as the Android device via microSD card and other ways to save the multi-volume file. But if you want to add additional memory space for your hands or iPhone iPad, you may wish to try this experience called iStick this launch mobile storage devices made ​​by Apple accessory maker Sanho Corporation.
iStick is the only one certified by Apple MFi external storage products, with lightning interface can greatly expand the storage capacity of the Apple devices, the maximum you can have 128 GB to choose from. Visually, it is common OTG U disk and no difference, measurements of size 51.6 × 28.6 × 9.1 mm and weighs 10 grams, ABS plastic or aluminum casing, black, white, silver, gold and other colors Tyrant, but the side microUSB port replaced Lighting Lightning interfaces, so you can slide between the Lightning, USB interface is switched.

Since the iOS system is not a file manager, can only rely on a network or via AirDrop severe iTunes tedious process to pass between files. But after using the iStick, we just need to download a specific application, it can be like file transfer between two computers using U disk so simple. And this process can be completed in the state off the network, without going through the network and cloud, can be well protected user privacy.
Another drawback is that the iOS device video format support is not enough, native only supports MOV, MP4, 3GP and a few other formats, if you want to see more public MKV and RMVB format video, then you have to download a third-party player. iStick player built-in hardware solution can support up to 12 kinds of video formats, you can plug and put it on your iOS device, and similarly, photos and documents as well. We can put it regarded as a powerful file transfer station and viewer.

However, in terms of transmission speed, iStick performance is not good. USB end of the highest literacy 12MB / s, 7.5MB / s, Lightning end only 2.5MB / s, 1.9MB / s, this does not feel satisfied, it seems that users can watch HD videos directly through iStick it.
iStick currently being accepted fundraising website Kickstarter, the product will be on sale in August this year. The capacity of the smallest models priced at $ 79 8GB, 1685GB priced at $ 85, compared to between 16GB and 32GB iPhone 5s 100 dollar difference is slightly smaller, and the largest capacity 128GB for $ 199.


How Can I Erase Data from iPhone iPad Permanently

Statistics show that there is an increasing turnover of iPhone users to changes their device, this phenomenon mostly depends  on the fast developing speed of science and technology. Are you preparing to update your device to the latest iPad Air,  iPhone 5S, and even the coming iPhone 6? For most iPhone iPad users, when they are on the threshold of selling or giving  away their iPhone iPad, how to delete history and other personal informations on their old iDevices might be a vital problem  troubling them. However, we have a good idea can help eliminating your confusion.

Wondershare MobileTrans is not just the phone to phone transfer tool that as we all known, in addition of transfer data  between phone and phone (they can be the iOS devices, Android, Symbian and BlackBerry), you can also sync your data from  iPhone iPad and iPod to PC for backup, restore the backup files to supported iDevices, and erase all data from iPhone iPad with a click. What's more, the program is apply to almost all iPhone and iPad, as well as iPod touch.


How to Backup and Erase Your Data from iPhone iPad

Step 1. Backup iPhone iPad Data to the Computer

First, launch the Wondershare MobileTrans while your iPhone or iPad is connected to the computer via a USB cable. Select the  Backup option in the primary interface to bring up the Backup Panel. Once you check all the data that you wish to backup,  click Start Copy, and the MobileTrans will start to back up the selected contents on your iPhone iPad to the computer.

backup your iPhone iPad to PC

Step 2. Brings Up the Data Erasing Interface and Enable the Eraser Mode

After backuped your data, go back to the Home Menu, now you need to click "Erase Your Old Phone". This will brings you up  the data erasing window.

permanently erase your old iPhone iPad-1

Step 3. Wipe All the Data on Your iPhone iPad with a Click

Go to the lower-right corner and click Erase Now. A dialog comes out. Read the tips and enter "delete" in the box. Then,  click Start to erase to erase all of your data from your old iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

permanently erase your old iPhone iPad-2

If done, all the data on your iPhone iPad will be removed permanently, they 100% can not be recovered even use the most  professional recovery tool, including the Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS. Now, you can trustingly resell, donate or trade-in  your iPhone iPad.

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How to Delete Music Photos History from iPod

How to Permanently Delete Data on iPad Without Recovery


How to Delete Music Photos History from iPod

Whether you are going to put your old iPod to a friend or relative, donate to charity; resell on eBay, or trade-in, you  never know where your iPad will eventually appear, or if you just want to clear all the data stored in the iPad, in order to  get a brand new iPad, in short, do not put your personal information easily identified by anyone, is not it?

There is another case, you want to easily manage tons of data like music, photos, videos and more on your iPad do not want  to spend too much time and effort. 

Part 1: Permanent Delete Data on iPod Without Recovery

For many iPod users, deleting data from iPod is a tough task that they don’t even know the first step to set about it  somehow. Here I recommend you powerful software to give you a hand on deleting songs, pictures, videos, history and more  from iPod. iPod Data Eraser is designed for iDevice users to delete data from iPod touch 4, iPod touch 5 and any other  iDevice. You can just follow the three easy steps below to go ahead.


You can click the below button to free download a trial version.

Step 1. Connect your iPad to computer

After downloading the iPad Data Eraser on your computer, connect your iPad to it then, and run this program on your  computer. Your iPad will be detected automatically, and you will get an interface below.

Permanent Delete Data on iPod-1

Step 2. Choose the right option on your device

You should choose the "ERASE ALL DATA ON DEVICE" option, so that you can continue the subsequent steps.

Permanent Delete Data on iPod-2

Step 3. Delete photos on your iPad

There are three choices available for you to delete your data. Among the "High, Medium, Low", you are recommended to choose  the "Medium" level, which takes the moderate time in deleting. Click "Start" button to begin the processing.

Permanent Delete Data on iPod-3

Part 2: Delete/Manage/Edit/Export Data from iPad

iPod Data Assistant (Wins/Mac) which supports iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod shuffle as well as iPhone and iPad to transfer music, video,  playlists, Podcast, iTunes U, etc. to PC for backup and easily manage/edit them with a clicl. In addition, you can directly  transfer data between two iPad devices. Following, we will take music as an example to show the steps.

The transfer program provides two trial version of Windows and Mac for users:


Step 1. Connect your iPod nano with a computer Your iPod will be shown on the main interface once this iPod music removal  tool detects it. 

Manage iPod Data with iPod Data Assistant-1

Notes: Install the iTunes on your computer first. This program supports iPod nano 7, iPod nano 6, iPod nano 5, iPod nano 4,  iPod nano 3, iPod nano 2 and iPod nano. 

Step 2. Remove the music from your iPod nano 
You can see all contents on your iPod are listed on the left-side directory tree. Click "Music", all music on your iPod nano  are listed.

Manage iPod Data with iPod Data Assistant-2

Notes: You can use this program to backup the photos that you don’t want to lose before deleting music from iPod nano. 

You’re able to remove common playlists on your iPod nano too. Click "Playlist" that you will delete, and then click  "Delete" in the left sidebar.

Manage iPod Data with iPod Data Assistant-3

Supported Apple Devices

iPhone: iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS
iPad: iPad air, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad mini, iPad with Retina display, The New iPad, iPad 2, iPad
iPod: iPod touch 5, iPod touch 4, iPod touch 3, iPod classic 3, iPod classic 2, iPod classic, iPod shuffle 4, iPod shuffle  3, iPod shuffle 2, iPod shuffle 1, iPod nano 7, iPod nano 6, iPod nano 5, iPod nano 4, iPod nano 3, iPod nano 2, iPod nano

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How to Complete Delete Data on iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS

How to Permanently Delete Data on iPad Without Recovery

How to Permanently Delete Data on iPad Without Recovery

Are you planning to give away your old iDevice to a friend or relative, donate to charity, sell on eBay, or trade-in for something new? If you have such an ideas, we are not difficult to guess that you may wanna know about the questions as below:

How to Delete Videos from iPad? How to Delete Music from iPad? How to Delete Apps on iPad? How to Delete History on iPad? How to Delete Photos from iPad? Anyway, you just want to complete delete all data on iPad and without recovery. Isn't it?

When you want to sell your old iPad, it is of vital importance for protecting your privacy to delete all your personal information completely and permanently. Maybe you are curious about whether there is such a kind of software to do so. Surely, there is indeed a powerful software available for you to make it works.

iPad Data Eraser is designed to delete photos on iPad, it enables iPad users to delete Photos, Call History, Calendar, Email, Note, Video, Voice memo, Keyboard Cache, Safari Bookmark and more in three modes, you are provided “High, Medium, Low” three different modes to delete iPad data. The higher the mode is, the longest it will take and the better result you will get. You can get through the detailed steps to know about it. What's more, the program apply to iPad 1, iPad 2, The new iPad, iPad with Retina Display, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad Air, as well as iPhone and iPod Touch and so on.

Free download a trial version here and have a try now.

Windows Trial Version        Mac Trial Version

Attention: Before wiping your iPhone, please remember to backup your data on iPhone with iTunes, iCloud, iPhone Data Assistant or iPhone to PC Transfer, so that you can easily to restore them even after deleted all data from your iPhone. Please keep in mind that once erase your iPhone with iPhone Data Eraser, you can not recover any data on your iPhone even if using the most professional data recovery tool, including the iPhone iPad Data Recovery tool.

How to Delete All Data from iPad Permanently With a Click

Step 1. Connect your iPad to computer

After downloading the iPad Data Eraser on your computer, connect your iPad to it then, and run this program on your computer. Your iPad will be detected automatically, and you will get an interface below.

Permanently Delete Data on iPad-1
Step 2. Choose the right option on your device

You should choose the "ERASE ALL DATA ON DEVICE" option, so that you can continue the subsequent steps.

Permanently Delete Data on iPad-2
Step 3. Delete photos on your iPad

There are three choices available for you to delete your data. Among the "High, Medium, Low", you are recommended to choose the "Medium" level, which takes the moderate time in deleting. Click "Start" button to begin the processing.

Permanently Delete Data on iPad-3
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How to Complete Delete Data on Your iPhone

"I'm selling my iPhone 4S so that I could purchase a new iPhone 5 when I move to the US for college. How do I ensure that it is completely wipe iPhone personal data (i.e. telephone contacts, pictures, etc.) before I turn it over to a new owner? If anyone provides me the useful methods, I will be appreciated very much!" Asked by Tomy from answers.yahoo.

"The iPhone 5s has released to the public, which is equipped with more powerful features. You're ready to sell or trade your old one for the latest shiny version. Wait a second, your whole life is on that phone. You wouldn't want to just hand over your phone with all your e-mails, contacts, music, photos, videos, and other personal stuff on it, would you? How can delete data on iPhone permanently? " Asked by Alexy from Flickr.

For iPhone users who want to sell his iPhone might be hesitated when attempts to delete the data stored in his iPhone. How to delete the stored data? Will the entire data be deleted permanently? Yes. Is there any feasible way available to iPhone users to delete iPhone data? Absolutely yes.
iPhone iPad Data Eraser empowers iPhone users to delete the entire data stored in iPhone and make it sure that those deleted data cannot be recovered any longer. All the process of operating iPhone Data Eraser consists of 5 steps, about which you can get more detailed information at the following part.

Here you can download the free trial and have a try!

Attention: Before wiping your iPhone, please remember to backup your data on iPhone with iTunes, iCloud, iPhone Data Assistant or iPhone to PC Transfer, so that you can easily to restore them even after deleted all data from your iPhone. Please keep in mind that once erase your iPhone with iPhone Data Eraser, you can not recover any data on your iPhone even if using the most professional data recovery tool, including the iPhone iPad Data Recovery tool.

How to Permanently Delete Data from iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS
Step 1. Download iPhone Data Eraser on your computer

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to computer

Permanently Delete Data from iPhone-1
After connecting your iPhone to computer with a USB cable, your iPhone will be detected by iPhone Data Eraser automatically.

Step 3. Choose "Erase All Data on Device" in the window of program

Permanently Delete Data from iPhone-2
Notes: There are 3 different modes for you to choose to erase data permanently.

  • Low (1 pass): erases your iDevice quicklyDelete data on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch in seconds, which is very efficient and efficacious.
  • Medium (2 passes): no trace of erasingThe medium mode leaves no trace of erasing when finishing the whole operation. At the same time of your erasing, this option provides two passes of random data to overwrite your existing and deleted data, to make sure that your data cannot be retrieved any more.
  • High (3 passes): meets the DOD 5220 - 22 M standardThis high mode is the most secure data destruction option up to now. It writes over the data 3 times by using the DOD 5220 - 22 M standard. Even though it takes the longest time of the entire operation, it is the safest.
Step 4. Start to earse all data on your device now
Permanently Delete Data from iPhone-3
Notes: Make a list of all your accounts like iCloud, Dropbox. Pandora,etc. Stop them all from linking to your iPhone. Then take the SIM card out of your iPhone and get it ready for selling on eBay or other sale places.
Now you can freely trade the iPhone after finishing these easy steps. Don’t worry about personal information leaks. iPhone Data Eraser permanently wipes all personal data from the device and resetting system setting with just one click, which offers the most effective and safest data protection solution.


Common apple iphone 5 power button failures will be free replacement

Apple has recently started to provide customers with the iPhone 5 power key free replacement service, users are now in the United States and Canada can enjoy this service, other countries and regions, the user has to wait until May 2. According to previous reports, a number of users to apple reaction their iPhone 5 power key can't normal use, looks like apple have realized the problem and find the right solution.
Before it is reported, in May 2013 the production of the iPhone 5 is possible power failure, the user can query through the apple's official website support page your equipment whether enjoy free replacement power key service, if meet the requirements can be sent to the local apple repair center for replacement, and the whole maintenance process need 4 to 6 days. It is worth mentioning that for general users, the power button is one of the most frequently used physical keys, considering that the iPhone 5 is not out of date in respect of configuration, power key replacement failure should therefore will further extend the service life of equipment, after all, the iPhone launch before 6 of the iPhone 5 s how many somewhat is not cost-effective, and we also recommend the iPhone series of loyal users can generally be adopting the tactics of every generation to upgrade.