The desk lamp of the iPhone exclusive can scan – SnapeLite

PFU scanner company has launched its new SnapeLite, a linkage can be realized with the iPhone the desk lamp of scanning function.
After special users using a mobile phone to download the APP can through bluetooth remote control the switch of desk lamp light of changes in temperature and brightness, and placed the phone in a lamp at the top of the platform, can through the iPhone camera shooting file or object easily, without having to worry about shaking problem.

In addition, if the iPhone 5 platform, cameras will be stretched out on the edge of the platform, just shoot objects or scan file, SnapeLite will project an A4 size below the red ray shooting range, open the main use of the APP, the desk lamp base squirrel logo will light up, shot object is placed within the tip red box, touch the squirrel objects will be easy to keep shooting down the iPhone photo album.

At the same time the software also supports the function of synthesis and separation, will be bigger than A4 size of object points taken twice, may be retained through to a late software. For small paper such as similar to the receipt of the invoice number after the shooting, the software will split save. Software also provides the trapezoidal correction for distortion of problems, and the paper also don't have to be neatly placed, software with automatic adjustment function.
As A desk lamp SnapeLite have five period of brightness adjustment function, base behind with 5 v 2.1 A USB charging port, it is also very convenient.

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