Common apple iphone 5 power button failures will be free replacement

Apple has recently started to provide customers with the iPhone 5 power key free replacement service, users are now in the United States and Canada can enjoy this service, other countries and regions, the user has to wait until May 2. According to previous reports, a number of users to apple reaction their iPhone 5 power key can't normal use, looks like apple have realized the problem and find the right solution.
Before it is reported, in May 2013 the production of the iPhone 5 is possible power failure, the user can query through the apple's official website support page your equipment whether enjoy free replacement power key service, if meet the requirements can be sent to the local apple repair center for replacement, and the whole maintenance process need 4 to 6 days. It is worth mentioning that for general users, the power button is one of the most frequently used physical keys, considering that the iPhone 5 is not out of date in respect of configuration, power key replacement failure should therefore will further extend the service life of equipment, after all, the iPhone launch before 6 of the iPhone 5 s how many somewhat is not cost-effective, and we also recommend the iPhone series of loyal users can generally be adopting the tactics of every generation to upgrade.

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