iPhone 6 will increase the thickness of the power button or go to the side of the fuselage

Since 2007 the first iPhone came on the screen size much change has not happened yet. Even from the beginning of the iPhone 5 screen longer, but it is also part of a whole range of little change. But all this seems to have changed from the beginning of the iPhone 6.

Increase the thickness of the body
Recently, analysts published a research report, which detailed forecasts some specs of the iPhone 6. Research report, iPhone 6 will have 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models. Flagship model will be 5.5 inches Resolution 1920 × 1080, pixel density is 401ppi. The 4.7 inches of resolution a bit strange, it will be 1334 × 750 resolution and pixel density of 326ppi, but it actually facilitates the application developer.
Both models will be equipped with A8 processor and 1GB of memory to run, and with support In-Cell display technology. In addition, TouchID fingerprint identification system, NFC chip, metal body and other elements also will appear on two iPhone 6. As for the camera, and iPhone 5s will be the same, but the optical image stabilization feature will be added to improve the photographic effect in low-light environments.
In appearance, overall, analysts expect the iPhone 6 is narrower than the iPhone 5s 10-20%, and the thickness of the body may be from 6.5 mm to 7 mm. Also worth mentioning is that Kuo Ming-Chi believes the increase in screen size, Apple will move to the side of the power button of the phone, to better meet the needs of one-handed operation, which also implies that some of the new features may need to use this button .
4.7 inches Apple iPhone 6 to prove still adhere to the "one-hand operation" product strategy, the main iPhone 6 will be promoting sales in 2014, annual shipments expected to reach 60 million. As to 5.5 inches version is to meet the needs of minorities, targeting high-end tablet phone, the version of the battery capacity will provide more than iPhone 5s battery life of between 50% to 70%. And analysts even believe that it may erode the market share of its own iPad mini. So Apple iPad mini or may be appropriate to reduce the price. 4.7 inches version expected to be available this fall, and 5.5 inches version will be postponed to the shopping season market.
Power button or go to the side of the fuselage
Apple will launch a large-size iPhone is almost a foregone conclusion. Moreover, before the news that the iPhone will be 4.7 inches large size and 5.5 inches in two versions, and 5.5 inches version should be released after 4.7 inches version. In addition to the exposure of the panel recently, and today the Internet has emerged a large protective shell iPhone spy. Although the protective shell photographs and hardware parameters can not dig out too much information, but it is not difficult to find some change in the appearance of design.
It is worth mentioning that, iPhone since launch from its button layout is basically not changed, but from this picture, the iPhone 5.5 inches to the left of the power button seems to have been moved to the top left corner, but it retained the iPhone 4.7 inches the traditional button layout, which also consistent with Apple analysts said the news before. In addition, regardless of the version is 5.5 inches or 4.7 inches version of the iPhone, both of which did not add new physical buttons. Nevertheless, given the large size of the iPhone from now expected release date is still some time, Apple is unlikely to divulge too many details about the new products, so the authenticity of this message has yet to be confirmed, but for mobile phones and other large flat screen devices, the power button to move to the side from the top is reasonable.
Although these conclusions are from analysts' forecasts, but so far Apple has launched a large-screen version of the iPhone 6 will be a very in line with market trends practices.

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