Apple's 6th generation coming to the preview image iPhone6

Apple's big news recently about not much, but it was a lot of news about iPhone6 ​​its price, screen size, as well as numerous spy Published exposure after another, attracted many fruit powder excited. IPhone6 ​​not wait to start a trial. Although from a variety of enough HD iPhone6 ​​spy photos, iPhone6 ​​certainly amazing to you. From below the preview display can be seen in Fig.
iPhone6 ​​appearance Reference
4.7-inch high-definition iPhone6 ​​mold Figure       4.7 and 5.5 inches iPhone6 ​​protective shell
Green iPhone6 ​​protective shell exposure             per line 5 broadening icon means iPhone6

We already know, iPhone6 ​​will have 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models. For the majority of application developers, but also to begin round optimization of the application interface. Because the 5.5-inch screen production problems encountered, to be delayed, we now take a look at contrast 4.7-inch iPhone6 ​​and iPhone5s's. Some foreign designers have produced a lot of renderings.
Now iPhone5S resolution is 640x1136, 326ppi. If 4.7-inch iPhone6 ​​maintain 326ppi does not change, the resolution would upgrade to 756x1344. This is an increase of almost 40% of the display area, but the actual use of it, the feeling is very different, a bit like a sudden switch from iPhone5S iPad mini feeling.

Of course, now there are a large number of applications in the iTunes store. At that time many will have problems in the user interface, and a storm in 2012 on the transition from 3.5-inch to 4-inch screen, then raised the same. Developers will need some time to optimize the application.
There is a solution that is, 4.7-inch screen to maintain 640x1136 resolution, but then it was reduced to 264ppi. Retina screen effect will be compromised. But take a little further to see, or acceptable.
iPhone6 ​​larger screen for the application of what the requirements are not the same, and users want to know that developers want to know more urgent, do not know if Apple will not be at the WWDC conference in June on the subject revealed.

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