Apple added a new poem about an iPad Bollywood choreographer story

Apple's official website adds another is "iPad Verses", this tells the story of a choreographer in Bollywood. The story typical Bollywood movie opening story: A young woman sitting alone in the open-air cafe. She shyly write the actor a. After a few seconds, all of a sudden began to sing and dance. This is Bollywood choreographer Feroz Khan work place. He used his imagination and iPad Air, each psalm-like shape of the dance scene. iPad Air can help him find the perfect clothes and props, perfect every dance posture.

Feroz Khan told said:. "As a choreographer in Bollywood, I just guide the dance moves, I still need to arrange the position of an actor, looking for costumes and props, but also to keep in touch with my team of the moment thanks to my the iPad Air, help me to do all these things I have always inspired to carry iPad Air will be able to help me in this moment, let me record all the inspiration. "

In addition, Khan found more challenging work, according to communicate with team members, sharing his ideas. Especially their fast-paced progress of the work, which requires an efficient way to communicate. Because iPad Air, Khan adopts a new easier way to share his views with the team, saving valuable time.
He can set up a shared photo streams, invite team members to view photos stream photos and videos, other members of the team are available on the above comments, to express their opinions. As a result, everyone can instantly receive the latest news, no meeting can communicate with each other.

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