4.7-inch screen debut iPhone 6 May production

Although Apple's iPhone debut from 6 some time, but it seems has entered mass production of parts preparation stage. Following Apple's component suppliers have been manufactured fingerprint sensor and LCD driver chips began to media reports, Reuters said, Apple's suppliers in May this year, the earliest will begin mass production of the next-generation iPhone's display, but first will be 4.7 production volume inch screen, while the 5.5 inches screen due to technical reasons there may be a delay.

May display production 
According to Reuters, citing people familiar with the disclosure, JDI, Sharp and LG will be responsible for production of the next generation iPhone screen, and from the beginning of May the first large-scale production. However, the next iPhone's display will give priority to mass production of 4.7-inch screen, while the 5.5 inches display screen may be delayed production.
As such a situation is the technology used in Apple's next-generation iPhone on display, according to informed sources say, iPhone touch panel display technology will be embedded 6, about to touch functions integrated into the screen rather than using separate film touch panel, the size of the screen which will make thinner. However, due to the presence of embedded technical difficulties in producing more than 5.5-inch screen, so Apple decided to launch the first 4.7 inches screen products. As for the production of 5.5 inches screen is expected to begin in a few months, while Apple is likely to use thin-film sensor technology in the 5.5-inch display instead of embedded technology.

Higher resolution screen 
It is reported that, JDI will be the first to start mass production of iPhone 6 screen suppliers, the company will produce the next generation iPhone screen Mobara factory in eastern Japan, while other companies are expected to start production from June. Prior to this, Japan authoritative financial newspaper "Nihon Keizai Shimbun" reported that Apple will launch 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches two models of a new generation iPhone 6, the earliest will come out in September this year.

"Japanese Economic News" report also revealed that Apple's next-generation iPhone has entered the stage of mass production preparation, parts suppliers have also begun a fingerprint sensor and LCD driver chip manufacturing. LCD driver chips will begin mass production from April to June. In addition, Apple will increase the screen resolution of the iPhone screen size increases, while the next generation, but it is unclear specifically Specifications.

Sapphire are the pros and cons 
And in addition to changes in the manufacturing process and the size of the display screen, iPhone 6 will be equipped with sapphire glass screen is equally focus of media attention. According to the national news media disclosed that information from Apple's supply chain sources indicate that the front screen and the back shell iPhone 6 will have sapphire material.

About the same time a group of Mesa, Arizona, Apple GT Advanced Sapphire factory to build the latest pictures of exposure, also shows that Apple is actively expanding sapphire production base, ill-prepared for future large-scale use. In addition, the Apple iPhone 6 will not only allegedly equipped with full sapphire material stiffness, but there may be better in the grease protection. The direct evidence is that Apple filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple will add new technology and oil material sapphire surface.

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