Father of Cydia: Apple iPhone is not yet aware of the powerful

Global Jailbreak Developers Conference (WWJC) 2014 year has kicked off in San Francisco. As each session of the General Assembly will be invited WWJC heavyweight guests, Cydia Saurik the father of today and not surprisingly, one of the first approach guests.
This time when Saurik interview focused on the scene, said: The reason I entered this field jailbreak, because I think the Apple iPhone is not really aware of the powerful.

In fact similar words Saurik has been said many times. After the famous Cydia on iOS platforms, Saurik initially in an interview once said: jailbreak is to allow users more freedom to use the iPhone. Due to Apple's closed eco, a lot of very useful third-party applications are not able to show themselves on the iPhone. It is also because of this and have the Cydia jailbreak born.
Although not directly Saurik released jailbreak tool, but since Cydia on the line so far, every release jailbreak tools are inseparable from his help. In addition, Saurik's development companies have been in perfect platform for first-party software source Cydia among committed to creating the best user experience jailbreak.

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