The 5.5 -inch iPhone 6 or iPhone Air main light

The next iPhone will have two release is not news, but there seems to be no clear their names. And according to the news from apple industry chain, due to the iPhone emphasizes light with a 5.5 inch screen, so for the machine OEM battery manufacturers have come to call the Air in private. Although this is not necessarily the future official name, but in combination with previous media reports, seemed to have certain credibility.
Or the iPhone Air
We all know that the next iPhone will be launched two versions 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, normally, 4.7 inch version will appear in the name of the iPhone 6 should not much suspense. But the 5.5 inch version will be launched in what name, is rarely make the news headlines seem to be in the media. However, according to the next iPhone OEM battery manufacturer, according to the news because the product emphasizes light, so the company will be 5.5 inch version of the iPhone 6 privately call it iPhone Air.
Despite the iPhone Air sounds is an unofficial title, but in fact is likely to be 5.5 inch version of the final name. Because, according to previous south Korean market research company report revealed that the next iPhone will use a new generation of the naming rules in effect at the time of the announcement last year, including a 9.7 -inch device with the characteristics of the lighter, and was named to the Air, so the future of the next iPhone screen version will also be named as the Air.
The iPhone Air airframe is thinner
In fact, 5.5 inch version of the iPhone 6 was named the iPhone Air is possible. After the media exposure, according to the design of 5.5 inch version of the fuselage size is 157 * 77 * 6.7 mm, thin than 4.7 inch version of the fuselage, plus a bigger size of touch screen, so the continuation of the naming of a new generation of the way there are still some possibilities.
According to KGI securities analyst at the same time, the 5.5 inch version of the iPhone 6 will be positioned as a "Phablet" (phone) devices, rather than a "smart phones", and not only Touch screen resolution is higher than the 4.7 inch version, and because of the sapphire, limited capacity, the machine only 64 gb version will carry a sapphire Touch ID surface, suggesting that version 5.5 inches on the positioning and 4.7 inch version is very different, so enable different names should also is a natural thing.
Battery thinner than the iPhone 5s 1/3
According to sources, 5.5 inches version of iPhone 6 due to the use of ultra-thin body design, so Apple requires suppliers to the battery cell thickness reduction of 1/3 or more, in order to adapt its slim. It is reported that, under normal circumstances smartphone battery thickness of about 2.8 to 2.9 mm, but the thickness of the iPhone Air Apple requires batteries must be 2 mm or less, so in the case of high technical difficulty, two of Apple's iPhone battery module supplier Taiwan's new P and Desai are quite a headache.
However, allegedly due to technical problems 5.5 inches touch screen manufacturing, and named this new machine or iPhone Air is likely to be delayed until next year will be released.

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