iPhone6, preferably with this headset

Apple is expected to improve the existing iPhone EarPods design, and hope for the implantation of an accelerometer to the headphone part of earplugs, and can recognize speech activity, it would trigger and arranged to adjust the microphone beamforming. iPhone6 ​​will be equipped with this headset thing?

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office patent applications appear in the latest released Thursday, Apple is currently working on an enhanced user recognizable voice headset device, which would trigger multiple microphones mounted for improved noise reduction system and user the head guide beamforming microphone.
According to the "System and method for detecting the user's accelerometer voice activity" Apple patent, the ear will be enhanced in the loading sensor has been loaded, the two accelerometers and comprising a microphone. These sensors, located in series with a microphone headset cord, thereby forming a noise reduction system, which is more advanced than the current EarPods products.

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