Apple released a new document: Touch ID

Apple in "iPhone in Business today" posted on the website updated security document, introduces the Touch ID and A7 processor "safety area (Secure Enclave)" in detail. Since 2013, Touch ID was related to the protection of privacy from users and government officials. After apple unveiled a "security zone" design details, and says the module will only store the fingerprint data, rather than the fingerprint image.
Touch ID
According to the new security document, the "security zone" is a collaborators in the A7 processor processor, through safe, start the process to ensure that its software is apple's certification and signature. Even if a processor core is attack, all the "security zone" will also be able to function independently. And every "security zone" contains a unique identifier, not from the rest of the system access, and the company also does not have this information. So it will avoid apple or any other third party access to the stored data.
Document shows that: "every" security zone "in the process of manufacturing distribution the UID (identifier), from the rest of the system access, and apple does not know this information. When the device starts, according to the UID, a temporary key will be created, and is used to encrypt the equipment storage space in" security zone "of the parts. In addition, kept by" security zone "in the system to use this key to encrypt data."
Touch ID
By Touch ID to collect the fingerprint data will be stored in a "safe zone". This data will be used for information matching, shopping and other activities to support. Although the A7 processor from Touch ID sensors data, but can't read these data, because these data using the Touch ID and "security zone" built-in session key to encryption and authentication.
In addition to the function of the "security zone" and security, this document also introduced Touch ID details. Most of the details had been released, but emphasized the fingerprint for the security of the new document, and points out that only a "security zone" can obtain fingerprint data, in addition to these data will not be sent to apple or stored in up to cloud storage service.
The end of this document introduces the Touch ID and "security zone" how to implement the iPhone 5 s cooperation of mobile phone unlocked. If the user is interested in, then is a good reading material. Apple released this document is the iPhone in part of the IT channel Business website redesign, the design of the site has a more relaxed.

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