IOS 7.1 should you start without knowing the Bluetooth

According to a new report shows that since last year in 7 iBeacon as iOS, apple has been in its subsequent each updated version (iOS 7.0.3/7.0.4/7.0.6/7.1) in the default start the bluetooth function.

May be few users noticed this, or at least some people saw on the apple BBS but not cut. However, Forbes reporter before let's Opus with research institutions, a senior analyst at Greg Sterling against apple iBeacon was tested.
In fact, two days ago when the official version 7.1 release iOS, which subsequently also iBeacon features upgraded, the new feature allows the user's device in the closed state is also able to search iBeacon beacons. Therefore, this report shows the new system default startup Bluetooth saying there seems to echo and features updated.
Kashmir, said the key iBeacon Bluetooth function realization that, if no Bluetooth, iBeacon will not work. So, the most reasonable explanation for the user becomes Apple has kept open the Bluetooth function, enabling linked iBeacon, which helps retail customers "perception" of users appear to push their product information. In fact, the positioning of the sensor will meet existing needs some technical, superficial but from the viewpoint of achieving random coverage will require a lot of consumer data.
However, compared to the sensor, iBeacon should be the retailer of goods to customers more efficient information transfer new way. Some users worry that Bluetooth is turned on will consume their batteries, but the reality is that the Bluetooth 4.0 specification requires very low power consumption.
Sterling believes that retailers need to provide better customer experience, and iBeacon tool can easily help users get more information about the product. But now the challenge is too radical or too clumsy implementations are likely to cause the opposite effect, in which the user's privacy and permissions should be the most noteworthy.
If Apple's iPhone in the near future can be transformed into iWallet, then all thanks iBeacon. Obviously, NFC (Near Field Communication) chip may no longer be required to configure unique. Introduction of Bluetooth will allow iBeacon become dominant or standard, above its expansion to the scope of application If Apple iOS platform, then Apple's ecosystem will get more long life. Therefore, it is not hard to explain Apple will default on the latest system to turn on Bluetooth function.

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