Apple wireless patent exposure shutter support editing pictures

According to media reports, Apple's mobile phone in terms of some photographers, has assumed the role of SLR spare machine. Recently, the media exposure of an Apple patent shows, iPhone cell phone camera in the future or will be equipped with a remote control, while the remote control also has the function of editing pictures.
Apple patent exposure camera remote control
Apple described in the patent document, this remote control is equipped with a touch screen and a square button multiple entities can pair via Bluetooth with iPhone, iPhone to achieve control of all camera functions, such as switching shooting modes, shutter speed, choose frames or stopped recording and so on. 
In addition, the remote control iPhone or iPad screen also displays real-time recording parameters and push notifications, such as whether you shoot a picture or whether it is video, while users on the remote control can also view photos and videos have been shot and edited.
     It is understood that Apple as early as 2009 on the application for the patent, which will be released as to when such a remote control is still unknown. However, the Apple iPhone camera head that an effort was deep, the news that Apple will debut this year's iPhone 6 with optical image stabilization system from InvenSense's.

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