iPhone 6 Upgrade Night Shot Function

iPhnoe 6 
Latest news shows iPhone 6 will continue to use the 800-megapixel camera, but it will continue to increase sensor size (1/2.6, 5S size is 1 / 3 ) , the aperture becomes f/2.0 (5S aperture f/2.2, 5 aperture f/2.4), while put 6P sapphire lenses.
Camera Design
Although allegedly uses the same 800-megapixel camera, but the size of each pixel iPhone 6 is elevated to 1.75μm. Contrast iPhone5S collection capacity of 1.5μm, more light , sensitivity and noise suppression capabilities will have to improve a small margin . In addition , iPhone 6 will be added to the camera OIS optical image stabilization , improve various aspects will undoubtedly greatly increase the amount of light and sensitivity , after Apple's nocturnal general level of short- plate imaging will also be filled. Apple has used more than once proved pixel imaging results are not the determining factor in the decision . But the night shot function improved , in fact, the author of the depth of field and blur effects are more expectations, I do not know whether this is really f/2.0 lens has improved in this regard.

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