Common apple iphone 5 power button failures will be free replacement

Apple has recently started to provide customers with the iPhone 5 power key free replacement service, users are now in the United States and Canada can enjoy this service, other countries and regions, the user has to wait until May 2. According to previous reports, a number of users to apple reaction their iPhone 5 power key can't normal use, looks like apple have realized the problem and find the right solution.
Before it is reported, in May 2013 the production of the iPhone 5 is possible power failure, the user can query through the apple's official website support page your equipment whether enjoy free replacement power key service, if meet the requirements can be sent to the local apple repair center for replacement, and the whole maintenance process need 4 to 6 days. It is worth mentioning that for general users, the power button is one of the most frequently used physical keys, considering that the iPhone 5 is not out of date in respect of configuration, power key replacement failure should therefore will further extend the service life of equipment, after all, the iPhone launch before 6 of the iPhone 5 s how many somewhat is not cost-effective, and we also recommend the iPhone series of loyal users can generally be adopting the tactics of every generation to upgrade.


The 5.5 -inch iPhone 6 or iPhone Air main light

The next iPhone will have two release is not news, but there seems to be no clear their names. And according to the news from apple industry chain, due to the iPhone emphasizes light with a 5.5 inch screen, so for the machine OEM battery manufacturers have come to call the Air in private. Although this is not necessarily the future official name, but in combination with previous media reports, seemed to have certain credibility.
Or the iPhone Air
We all know that the next iPhone will be launched two versions 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, normally, 4.7 inch version will appear in the name of the iPhone 6 should not much suspense. But the 5.5 inch version will be launched in what name, is rarely make the news headlines seem to be in the media. However, according to the next iPhone OEM battery manufacturer, according to the news because the product emphasizes light, so the company will be 5.5 inch version of the iPhone 6 privately call it iPhone Air.
Despite the iPhone Air sounds is an unofficial title, but in fact is likely to be 5.5 inch version of the final name. Because, according to previous south Korean market research company report revealed that the next iPhone will use a new generation of the naming rules in effect at the time of the announcement last year, including a 9.7 -inch device with the characteristics of the lighter, and was named to the Air, so the future of the next iPhone screen version will also be named as the Air.
The iPhone Air airframe is thinner
In fact, 5.5 inch version of the iPhone 6 was named the iPhone Air is possible. After the media exposure, according to the design of 5.5 inch version of the fuselage size is 157 * 77 * 6.7 mm, thin than 4.7 inch version of the fuselage, plus a bigger size of touch screen, so the continuation of the naming of a new generation of the way there are still some possibilities.
According to KGI securities analyst at the same time, the 5.5 inch version of the iPhone 6 will be positioned as a "Phablet" (phone) devices, rather than a "smart phones", and not only Touch screen resolution is higher than the 4.7 inch version, and because of the sapphire, limited capacity, the machine only 64 gb version will carry a sapphire Touch ID surface, suggesting that version 5.5 inches on the positioning and 4.7 inch version is very different, so enable different names should also is a natural thing.
Battery thinner than the iPhone 5s 1/3
According to sources, 5.5 inches version of iPhone 6 due to the use of ultra-thin body design, so Apple requires suppliers to the battery cell thickness reduction of 1/3 or more, in order to adapt its slim. It is reported that, under normal circumstances smartphone battery thickness of about 2.8 to 2.9 mm, but the thickness of the iPhone Air Apple requires batteries must be 2 mm or less, so in the case of high technical difficulty, two of Apple's iPhone battery module supplier Taiwan's new P and Desai are quite a headache.
However, allegedly due to technical problems 5.5 inches touch screen manufacturing, and named this new machine or iPhone Air is likely to be delayed until next year will be released.


Apple's 6th generation coming to the preview image iPhone6

Apple's big news recently about not much, but it was a lot of news about iPhone6 ​​its price, screen size, as well as numerous spy Published exposure after another, attracted many fruit powder excited. IPhone6 ​​not wait to start a trial. Although from a variety of enough HD iPhone6 ​​spy photos, iPhone6 ​​certainly amazing to you. From below the preview display can be seen in Fig.
iPhone6 ​​appearance Reference
4.7-inch high-definition iPhone6 ​​mold Figure       4.7 and 5.5 inches iPhone6 ​​protective shell
Green iPhone6 ​​protective shell exposure             per line 5 broadening icon means iPhone6

We already know, iPhone6 ​​will have 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models. For the majority of application developers, but also to begin round optimization of the application interface. Because the 5.5-inch screen production problems encountered, to be delayed, we now take a look at contrast 4.7-inch iPhone6 ​​and iPhone5s's. Some foreign designers have produced a lot of renderings.
Now iPhone5S resolution is 640x1136, 326ppi. If 4.7-inch iPhone6 ​​maintain 326ppi does not change, the resolution would upgrade to 756x1344. This is an increase of almost 40% of the display area, but the actual use of it, the feeling is very different, a bit like a sudden switch from iPhone5S iPad mini feeling.

Of course, now there are a large number of applications in the iTunes store. At that time many will have problems in the user interface, and a storm in 2012 on the transition from 3.5-inch to 4-inch screen, then raised the same. Developers will need some time to optimize the application.
There is a solution that is, 4.7-inch screen to maintain 640x1136 resolution, but then it was reduced to 264ppi. Retina screen effect will be compromised. But take a little further to see, or acceptable.
iPhone6 ​​larger screen for the application of what the requirements are not the same, and users want to know that developers want to know more urgent, do not know if Apple will not be at the WWDC conference in June on the subject revealed.


Father of Cydia: Apple iPhone is not yet aware of the powerful

Global Jailbreak Developers Conference (WWJC) 2014 year has kicked off in San Francisco. As each session of the General Assembly will be invited WWJC heavyweight guests, Cydia Saurik the father of today and not surprisingly, one of the first approach guests.
This time when Saurik interview focused on the scene, said: The reason I entered this field jailbreak, because I think the Apple iPhone is not really aware of the powerful.

In fact similar words Saurik has been said many times. After the famous Cydia on iOS platforms, Saurik initially in an interview once said: jailbreak is to allow users more freedom to use the iPhone. Due to Apple's closed eco, a lot of very useful third-party applications are not able to show themselves on the iPhone. It is also because of this and have the Cydia jailbreak born.
Although not directly Saurik released jailbreak tool, but since Cydia on the line so far, every release jailbreak tools are inseparable from his help. In addition, Saurik's development companies have been in perfect platform for first-party software source Cydia among committed to creating the best user experience jailbreak.

iPhone 6 will increase the thickness of the power button or go to the side of the fuselage

Since 2007 the first iPhone came on the screen size much change has not happened yet. Even from the beginning of the iPhone 5 screen longer, but it is also part of a whole range of little change. But all this seems to have changed from the beginning of the iPhone 6.

Increase the thickness of the body
Recently, analysts published a research report, which detailed forecasts some specs of the iPhone 6. Research report, iPhone 6 will have 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models. Flagship model will be 5.5 inches Resolution 1920 × 1080, pixel density is 401ppi. The 4.7 inches of resolution a bit strange, it will be 1334 × 750 resolution and pixel density of 326ppi, but it actually facilitates the application developer.
Both models will be equipped with A8 processor and 1GB of memory to run, and with support In-Cell display technology. In addition, TouchID fingerprint identification system, NFC chip, metal body and other elements also will appear on two iPhone 6. As for the camera, and iPhone 5s will be the same, but the optical image stabilization feature will be added to improve the photographic effect in low-light environments.
In appearance, overall, analysts expect the iPhone 6 is narrower than the iPhone 5s 10-20%, and the thickness of the body may be from 6.5 mm to 7 mm. Also worth mentioning is that Kuo Ming-Chi believes the increase in screen size, Apple will move to the side of the power button of the phone, to better meet the needs of one-handed operation, which also implies that some of the new features may need to use this button .
4.7 inches Apple iPhone 6 to prove still adhere to the "one-hand operation" product strategy, the main iPhone 6 will be promoting sales in 2014, annual shipments expected to reach 60 million. As to 5.5 inches version is to meet the needs of minorities, targeting high-end tablet phone, the version of the battery capacity will provide more than iPhone 5s battery life of between 50% to 70%. And analysts even believe that it may erode the market share of its own iPad mini. So Apple iPad mini or may be appropriate to reduce the price. 4.7 inches version expected to be available this fall, and 5.5 inches version will be postponed to the shopping season market.
Power button or go to the side of the fuselage
Apple will launch a large-size iPhone is almost a foregone conclusion. Moreover, before the news that the iPhone will be 4.7 inches large size and 5.5 inches in two versions, and 5.5 inches version should be released after 4.7 inches version. In addition to the exposure of the panel recently, and today the Internet has emerged a large protective shell iPhone spy. Although the protective shell photographs and hardware parameters can not dig out too much information, but it is not difficult to find some change in the appearance of design.
It is worth mentioning that, iPhone since launch from its button layout is basically not changed, but from this picture, the iPhone 5.5 inches to the left of the power button seems to have been moved to the top left corner, but it retained the iPhone 4.7 inches the traditional button layout, which also consistent with Apple analysts said the news before. In addition, regardless of the version is 5.5 inches or 4.7 inches version of the iPhone, both of which did not add new physical buttons. Nevertheless, given the large size of the iPhone from now expected release date is still some time, Apple is unlikely to divulge too many details about the new products, so the authenticity of this message has yet to be confirmed, but for mobile phones and other large flat screen devices, the power button to move to the side from the top is reasonable.
Although these conclusions are from analysts' forecasts, but so far Apple has launched a large-screen version of the iPhone 6 will be a very in line with market trends practices.


Apple added a new poem about an iPad Bollywood choreographer story

Apple's official website adds another is "iPad Verses", this tells the story of a choreographer in Bollywood. The story typical Bollywood movie opening story: A young woman sitting alone in the open-air cafe. She shyly write the actor a. After a few seconds, all of a sudden began to sing and dance. This is Bollywood choreographer Feroz Khan work place. He used his imagination and iPad Air, each psalm-like shape of the dance scene. iPad Air can help him find the perfect clothes and props, perfect every dance posture.

Feroz Khan told said:. "As a choreographer in Bollywood, I just guide the dance moves, I still need to arrange the position of an actor, looking for costumes and props, but also to keep in touch with my team of the moment thanks to my the iPad Air, help me to do all these things I have always inspired to carry iPad Air will be able to help me in this moment, let me record all the inspiration. "

In addition, Khan found more challenging work, according to communicate with team members, sharing his ideas. Especially their fast-paced progress of the work, which requires an efficient way to communicate. Because iPad Air, Khan adopts a new easier way to share his views with the team, saving valuable time.
He can set up a shared photo streams, invite team members to view photos stream photos and videos, other members of the team are available on the above comments, to express their opinions. As a result, everyone can instantly receive the latest news, no meeting can communicate with each other.


iPhone6, preferably with this headset

Apple is expected to improve the existing iPhone EarPods design, and hope for the implantation of an accelerometer to the headphone part of earplugs, and can recognize speech activity, it would trigger and arranged to adjust the microphone beamforming. iPhone6 ​​will be equipped with this headset thing?

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office patent applications appear in the latest released Thursday, Apple is currently working on an enhanced user recognizable voice headset device, which would trigger multiple microphones mounted for improved noise reduction system and user the head guide beamforming microphone.
According to the "System and method for detecting the user's accelerometer voice activity" Apple patent, the ear will be enhanced in the loading sensor has been loaded, the two accelerometers and comprising a microphone. These sensors, located in series with a microphone headset cord, thereby forming a noise reduction system, which is more advanced than the current EarPods products.


4.7-inch screen debut iPhone 6 May production

Although Apple's iPhone debut from 6 some time, but it seems has entered mass production of parts preparation stage. Following Apple's component suppliers have been manufactured fingerprint sensor and LCD driver chips began to media reports, Reuters said, Apple's suppliers in May this year, the earliest will begin mass production of the next-generation iPhone's display, but first will be 4.7 production volume inch screen, while the 5.5 inches screen due to technical reasons there may be a delay.

May display production 
According to Reuters, citing people familiar with the disclosure, JDI, Sharp and LG will be responsible for production of the next generation iPhone screen, and from the beginning of May the first large-scale production. However, the next iPhone's display will give priority to mass production of 4.7-inch screen, while the 5.5 inches display screen may be delayed production.
As such a situation is the technology used in Apple's next-generation iPhone on display, according to informed sources say, iPhone touch panel display technology will be embedded 6, about to touch functions integrated into the screen rather than using separate film touch panel, the size of the screen which will make thinner. However, due to the presence of embedded technical difficulties in producing more than 5.5-inch screen, so Apple decided to launch the first 4.7 inches screen products. As for the production of 5.5 inches screen is expected to begin in a few months, while Apple is likely to use thin-film sensor technology in the 5.5-inch display instead of embedded technology.

Higher resolution screen 
It is reported that, JDI will be the first to start mass production of iPhone 6 screen suppliers, the company will produce the next generation iPhone screen Mobara factory in eastern Japan, while other companies are expected to start production from June. Prior to this, Japan authoritative financial newspaper "Nihon Keizai Shimbun" reported that Apple will launch 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches two models of a new generation iPhone 6, the earliest will come out in September this year.

"Japanese Economic News" report also revealed that Apple's next-generation iPhone has entered the stage of mass production preparation, parts suppliers have also begun a fingerprint sensor and LCD driver chip manufacturing. LCD driver chips will begin mass production from April to June. In addition, Apple will increase the screen resolution of the iPhone screen size increases, while the next generation, but it is unclear specifically Specifications.

Sapphire are the pros and cons 
And in addition to changes in the manufacturing process and the size of the display screen, iPhone 6 will be equipped with sapphire glass screen is equally focus of media attention. According to the national news media disclosed that information from Apple's supply chain sources indicate that the front screen and the back shell iPhone 6 will have sapphire material.

About the same time a group of Mesa, Arizona, Apple GT Advanced Sapphire factory to build the latest pictures of exposure, also shows that Apple is actively expanding sapphire production base, ill-prepared for future large-scale use. In addition, the Apple iPhone 6 will not only allegedly equipped with full sapphire material stiffness, but there may be better in the grease protection. The direct evidence is that Apple filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple will add new technology and oil material sapphire surface.